Another service Adöksan may offer upon customers' request is sub-assembly. Customers prefer this for cost reasons and streamlining their in-house production processes.

As per customer requests and agreements, various levels of sub-assembly or even full assembly is possible. For a high technology application, a new robotic assembly line with the following high precision operations were implemented: Plasma Cleaning, Glue Micro Dosing, Electropress performed riveting, LASER based dimension control, Part-by-part identification by DATAMATRIX, computer controlled interlocked process and part flow over multiple work stations.

Adöksan also complies with the cleanness requirements of customers. An assembly line in semi clean room already exists to achieve requested cleanness requirements. It is possible to build full clean room according to the requirements of the new projects.

Furthermore Adöksan has a cleanness laboratory to control cleanness value continuously during the process.