Our Mission

Adöksan has committed itself to providing Aluminium High Pressure Die Cast Products and relevant value added services with very high quality, performance to price ratio by employing state of the art technologies and methodologies and adhering the latest quality standards.

Our Vision

Becoming the long term, trusted solution partner of all key players and the best in class innovative supplier in the served sectors; extending its capabilities and KnowHow to the relating sectors and eventually becoming a multi-facet full service and module provider.

Our Values

  • Highest level of quality aspiration with the target 0 PPM
  • Providing as much value and service as possible to the customers satisfaction
  • Retaining best in class innovation, quality and technology by right investment with right timing
  • Partnership with the customers, involving and committing itself to co-development and supply chain integration to ensure just in time deliveries
  • Long term relationships with the customers, true understanding of each other’s strategy, organization and people
  • Investment in Human Resources; valuing cultural, gender and national diversity; majority of senior management educated or with work experience in Europe, many fluent in English and German
  • Continuous improvement due to close relation and cooperation with the customers
  • Team spirit and collaboration regardless of titles and job descriptions for customer satisfaction
  • Fairness and truthfulness at both internal and external affairs