Overview of Workshop

Overview of Workshop

Adöksan’s machining park consists of 23 machines including Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers, Multi-point Drilling and Tapping, Milling, Boring, Lathe and Grinding Machinery to finish as per our customers' requirements.

Adöksan increases machining capacity continuously which is why a 2. plant focusing and machining and other value-added services was established in 2013. Adöksan plans to increase the number of machines to 30 by 2015. Most of the new machines will be horizontal 4-axis (Makino – A51).
CNC Machine Park:
23 Machines in Total

2 Makino J3 Horizontal4-axis CNC
5 Makino A51 Horizontal4-axis CNC
1 Okuma MX45 Vertical 4-axis CNC
1 Challenger Microcut 1300 Vertical 4-axis CNC
1 LER VQ75 Vertical 4-axis CNC
1 LER VQ100 Vertical 4-axis CNC
1 SES 3000 Vertical 4-axis CNC
2 Fanuc T21 Tapping Center 4-axis CNC
1 Okuma LB15 CNC Lathe
3 Okuma L200 EM CNC Lathe
5 Special Purpose Machines
Plant For Machining & Other Value-Added Services
CNC Workshop