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Key Data

Key Data

Business Area: Producer of High Pressure Aluminum Die Cast Solutions with emphasis on machining and other value added processes
Established in 1991
Location: Situated in Tuzla/Istanbul. 2 facilities: One at the organized industrial area, the other on the adjacent free trade zone (distance between two facilities 1.7 km)
Nr of Employees: ca. 350
Customer Mix: 70% Automotive, 15% Household Goods, 10% Electronics, 5% other. All global manufacturing companies with facilities located outside of Turkey
Geographic Spread of Manufacturing Facilities Served: Europe 70% (Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy) Americas 30% (Mexico, Brazil)
Size of Active Project Portfolio: ca. 100
Nr of New projects (machined and coated aluminum die cast solutions) acquired per year: 15-20
Annual Growth Rate in the last 5 years: 15%
Size of Plants: 2 Plants totaling 15.000 sqm closed area. One plant 8.000 sqm for aluminum die casting and surface treatment, 2nd plant 7.000 sqm for value added services: Machining, coating, assembly (investment realized in 2013)
Size of Die Casting Park: 17 machines in the range of 160 ton to 1100 ton. Size limited by the physical boundaries of the current facility. Plan to launch new die casting facility in 2016
Size of CNC Machine Park: 23 (investment plan to increase to 30 machines by 2015 in the newly established facility)
Coating Capabilities: Anodizing, chromatization, powder coating, teflon
Plant 1: Die Casting & Surface Treatment
Plant 2: Machining / Coating / Assembly