New Factory

Investment in 2nd factory focusing on machining and other value added services (closed area of 8.500 sqm), in the free trade zone 1.7 km away from the first plant underlining the strategy to be a truly global player and to expand value added process capabilities and capacity.

New Global Customers

Continuous growth through steady acquisition of new business by penetration into existing customers and acquisition of new global customers.

New Factory

Establishment of new factory with a total closed area 8.000 sqm in Tuzla, Istanbul.


Transformed customer portfolio to 100% export.

Expansion to Several Workshop

Continuous growth leading to expansion to several workshops in the same industrial zone. Development of a customer portfolio in automotive and household appliances markets first in Europe then in the Americas.

Change Strategy

Change of strategy to focus on export to international corporations instead of servicing the local market.

TS 16949 and ISO 9001 Certifications.

First Export to Europe

1991 - 1996 growth with TR household appliances


Establishment as a small workshop with a single die casting machine and one customer in an industrial zone in Istanbul.