Business Area:
Producer of High Pressure Aluminum Die Cast Solutions with emphasis on machining and other value added processes. Adöksan exports 100% of its production.
Annual Growth Rate in the last 10 years: 15%

Customer Mix:
70% Automotive, 15% Engineering, 10% Appliances, 5% other. All global manufacturing companies with facilities located all over the world.*
Size of Die Casting Park:
18 machines in the range of 160 tons to 1.350 tons. 15 machines are equipped with robots or pickmats.
Size of CNC Machine Park:
30 latest technology horizontal and vertical CNC machines with latest fixture and cutting tool concepts and other technologies.
Size of Plants:
2 Plants totaling 16.500 m² closed area. One plant 8.000 m² for aluminum die casting and surface treatment, 2nd plant 8.500 m² for value added services: Machining, coating, assembly.
Coating Capabilities:
In house: anodizing, chromatization, powder coating, Upon request: teflon, KTL