Adöksan’s die casting machine park is composed of 17 machines in the range of 160 tons to 1100 tons enabling Adöksan to cast parts with weight ranging from 25gr to 6kg.

The plant area will be extended with new machines up to 2.200 tons clamping force. Thus the maximum weight of die casted products will increase to 22kg.

Use of state of the art machinery (Idra, Bühler, Itallpresse) enables excellent process control and casting of most complicated parts.

Fully automated casting cells, equipped with robot, spraymat and automatic ladle, offer the advantage of unparalleled process consistency, precision, efficiency and reduced labor cost.

Tooling is an essential determinant of successful die-casting. In order to ensure design and manufacture of the right tools for the most challenging projects, Adöksan collaborates with a long-term partner, a tool producer in Brescia, Italy.

Adöksan continuously invests in latest technology. As an example, Adöksan has newly adopted the multi-channel mold cooling unit which regulates the temperature of 12 different points of the tool concurrently from each other enabling excellent results even for the most complex designs.