Adöksan's market success being the supplier of choice for top-of-the-line global manufacturing companies is driven by the following strategic thrusts:

Dedication to State-of-the-art Technology

Adöksan's market success being the supplier of choice for top-of-the-line global manufacturing companies is driven by the following strategic thrusts:Dedication to State-of-the-art Technology The single, foremost determinant of Adöksan’s actions is relentless focus on technological advancement. Along with being a superior production process, high pressure aluminum die-casting is defined by its technical challenges and the continuous investment in technology to overcome them. Adöksan is not a low-cost provider, but provider of superior technology competing with best-of-class globally.

Maintaining Long-Term Relationship with Customers
Adöksan believes that, in the aluminum die casting industry, creating a mutually beneficial business relationship requires the true understanding of your customers’ business requirements and technical conditions. This is a long-term process, necessitating the extra time and effort.

Investment in Human Resources Rigorously
Adöksan’s strategic intent and value proposition can only be realized with the recruitment and development of the right human resources. An important share of Adöksan team has either studied or worked in western countries, speaking one or several languages such as English, German, Italian and French.

Providing Machined Parts to the Excellence As quality restrictions becomes more and more stringent, purchasing cast parts and machining them in-house becomes increasingly risky. Hence, customers prefer to purchase machined parts. The competence they demand requires more and more top-of-the-line machinery as 4-axis horizontal machining centers. This has been the focus of Adöksan’s investments in the recent years.

Being the Solution Provider, not the Seller of Die Cast Parts
Adöksan is the long-term partner of its customers. This means that our understanding of collaboration is not limited to transaction of die cast parts, it is about developing the right solution which will give our customers a competitive edge. This may lead to Adöksan adopting any other production process other than die casting. It may include any sort of coating or assembly.

Making the most out of the Location Turkey
Adöksan is located in Istanbul/Turkey, the emerging manufacturing powerhouse of the Europe. Dynamic workforce, cost competitiveness combined with logistically favorable location leads to a strong advantage in comparison to our global competitors.

As part of Adoksan’s internationalization, close customer proximity and supply chain solution partnership strategy, Adoksan is extending into Europe and America.

Adöksan aims to provide for all the necessities of the most challenging, high volume customer projects.